Friday, 7 January 2011


It was my first time to experience such a kind of meditation, I thought it is a little bit about stretching and some calming positions but it turned to be more exhausting somehow not much but not as I thought, our leader was playing some soft weird music I think it is much like Indian music , we do some positions and finally after I felt so consumed by such kind of strong sport we came to the end of the class and we end it up by lying on our backs with straight legs and she turned off all the lights and said with so soft low voice that is so close to whisper " just relax , leave everything behind and relax , kick out the tension and try to feel deep calmness "  .

I lied down and try to do as she told us but my mind was as if so rebellious refuse to rest, it started to be crowded with ideas and thoughts and I was like a hunter chasing every single one of them to kick them out of my mind to just relax those so few moments and finally when I was about to win my battle against them they all vanished away as if I was left in deserted island as if I was only chasing a mirage and only one single face stuck into my mind with so much details and other guessing things , a lot of questions started to appear about it what happened and what will happen , what tomorrow will bring , what if it was not meant to be , but what if I was wrong , a lot of why's and what's just started to spread like a very lethal virus and I was trapped between more than an answer and some can satisfy me while others create more questions behind them and all of sudden as I was about to be swallowed by this whirlpool of questions and answers she just throw to me the robe that by which I will survive when she said " now open your eyes and start to get up so slowly  ".    

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