Sunday, 2 January 2011

The Letters Of The Sea

It is an egyptian movie written and directed by a very talented director called Dawood abd el sayed , well am not here to make a critical essay about the movie am just trying to interpert somethings about it , The movie is about a young man named Yehia he supposed to be a doctor but he quit practicing his job as he always stammer when he talks and in most of times the only result he get is that most of his patients , nurses and other doctors with him just purst into laughter when he talks , after some personal reasons he decided to leave cairo and go to live in his family appartment alone in alexandria , he didn't find any propriate work to earn some extra money with it except to practice fishing and sell what he got from fishes into the market , most of the movie scenes was silent , his conversations with himself was full of emotions hidden one of course , althought the movie name is letters of the sea but during the film the only obvious letter was found by yehia in the sea preserved in a bottle he did his best until he get it out of the bottle but he was not able to translate it as it's language was so vague and he didn't know what was it about or even it's writter wanted what from writting it .

I think the writer was only trying to catch the attention of the spectator of the movie as the first thing came in my mind that he will find alot of bottles with new messages but that was not true , but at the end of the movie you came to know that it was really alot of messages from the sea but an abstract messages that can be felt and understanded but not to be read , you can read them only by mind not by eyes , they are not messages like those ordinary one . Once while he was in agreat need to fish some fishes to get money with them as he was starving and had no money the sea didn't give him any of his fishes so he was so angry and screamed out loud to the sea saying "  when i came to you and was not in need of any of your propety you gave me but when i came to you and in a great need of just some of it you didn't give me some of it " , i started to think is this how life to us too when we are in a great need for something it never give it to us but when we don't need it any more it give it so us , this is really sounds so ridiculous or we are damned with our needs sometimes , i just don't know it is really a puzzling matter ....!!!

I think it is not only Yehia who really suffered from this dielmma all of us suffered and still suffer , but i love that the movie ends up with a very generous give from the sea to Yehia as if it wants to reward him for many things he goes through life and this mak me think when will be the time when life will be generous to us and reward us for our suffer or this only happens in the movie , well i don't love to think in this way as life is not only about suffering only and there must be a time to be rewarded for our hope that there is something good will come to us after all that time of suffering as that what our faith states .

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