Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Paintaing

He sat down there holding his brush, all what was on his mind is her face nothinge else, on the white surface of the painting he started to paint her face with her beautiful twinkling eyes, all what he can paint was only her face with every single detail in it except her lips , he was not able at all to draw it, he called this paintaing " Silence " and when everyone ask him what is the reason he had drawn her with no lips and why he chose the name of it to be silence he answered back that he prefer not to tell anybody even his close friend didn't know why, but there inside himself was the answer that he can't told to anyone, how he can tell them that he had done that on purpose, the truth was so simple but people will never accpet it or will ridicule him, the reality was that he had never talked to her at all, she was that simple and quiet girl living next door, he still remember the day when they met each other for the first time, that he was back home holding some of the paint stuff he uses in his work and the elevator was about to close but he jumped quickly and put his hand to prevent it's door from closing and in this hand was one of the buckets of colors and when the door hit his hand it slipped away and fell inside the elevator and sprinkle all it's content inside it and as the doors opened up againg he found her inside the elevator covered with the red paintaing that he was holding, he was totally embarresd and run out of words as nothing can be said in such a situation and was ready to accept every single word she will call him with, but he was totally shocked to see her laughing out loud, he stared at her as if he was enchanted by her sweet laugh and for a while her kept staring at her then her purset into laughter with her too, they exchanged their names and he knew from her that she is his neighbour since a while but they never met each other, and since that time he felt strnage feelings when he meets her wherever he goes.

After a while he was sure that he is so in love with her, but he didn't has the gut to tell her what was his feelings towards her, they just exchange few hellos and anything he wanted to say he say it with his eyes nothing more nothing less, that is why he draw her face without her lips as all their talk was only by  eyes.

It was that day when he felt so sick and didn't go to the gallery and when he called to know about any paintaing was sold out, and they told him that his beloved paintaing was sold " Silence " he was so shocked and asked who had baught it but the answer was so disappointing to him as his assisstant told him that the buyer preferred to be anonymous, from that time he felt so lonely as her paintaing means alot ot him he even sometimes talked to it, revealing all what is hidden there between rips to it, and all what he wanted that to know who baught it but no use, then one day as he was sitting doing some of his work, the bell of his door rang and he went to open the door but noone was there just only a package wrapped in a brown paper, he stepped out his door to see if anybody was there but he found nothing so he took the package inside, he sat down and hold it wondering about what is there inside it, then he finally took a decision to open it, he ripped out the brown paper aorund it to be surprised that he found his paintaing "Silence"  inside it but with something new added to it which was her lips he felt so confused and anger, why did the buyer give it back to him and why did he mess out with his paintaings but the answer was quickly when he looked at the back of the painting to find a paper written in it her name with her number .