Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Paulo Coelho said once that "Anyone who has known happiness will never again be able humbly to accept sadness" this saying really stopped me a lot and start to think what he really want to say and are we really have ability to accept or refuse sadness or he wanted to say that to accept sadness as a life style or what really lies behind those words, but if we really capable of choosing to accept or refuse sadness then how it can be possible that we sometimes choose it over happiness are we that much of dumbness , aren't we ?

Through life we only learn that we can choose what to eat , wear , say and a lot but when it comes to feelings a fog just start to spread around our way of thinking , as happiness have a power on us so is sadness but the most complicated thing about sadness that it is much like a well that you whether pushed to fall into it or you just simply chooses it as a place to live in it and to accept all the shadows and curses that it's surrounded with , the matter of choosing can be practiced as long as we breath but some things we just accept the fact we can't change or choose to change some of those things is sadness but  whether if looks beautiful or ugly to us we must deal with it sooner or later , by love or by hatred , sadness will always prevail in some situations against our will as it has this revolutionary element that make it a necessary and may be it's existence is for us to appreciate happiness when it knocks on our doors ….!!!!!!!         

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