Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The Colors of Autumn

Colors of autumn are just like mediums, you can't find a so plain color in them, the leaves look a like yellow, red and brown , you find them every where giving the roads a very uncommon scene , you can't determine whether this scene is joyful or melancholic . Although the colors of the autumn are evidence that the leaves are dead but it is also an indication that they another leaves will be born again with their joyful greenish color.

Some people call autumn "fall" may be because the leaves fall from their home branches and starts to wander in the streets with the wind without any previous destination for them to know, they form a visual symphony that it is hard to ignore watching it, seeing them moving like waves of sea together as if they are saying that may be we have abandoned our branches but we will stick together forever, while watching them you don't know whether they are celebrating their freedom or if they are consoling each other for their unknown destiny , I don't know much about their stories or secrets but I always hold deep inside this mysterious feeling that I can't determine it's name or identity yet that the autumn and it's leaves with their significant colors always give me .

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