Saturday, 8 January 2011


We all have secrets; whether big, small, complicated, ordinary or whatever, some secrets are so hard on us and others not but as a human nature we always tend to keep secrets about ourselves or about others. What really control us about secrets that in most of times we think that what we know must only be known by only us no one else and no one will understand it if we tell them about it, the details of any secret is always sacred and can't be told to anyone but what if what we assumed to be secretive is not that way at all then that's mean we tend to exaggerate about the facts in our lives.

When we keep a secret we think that we are in control for what will cause problems to us or that we are directing our life to the way we want it to go to. The most thing that bother about secrets that when you get confronted with a situation that requires from you to speak out loud to others what you have been hiding all this time from them , you start to question , doubt and speculate about the others reactions , how they will accept it or deal with it and of course when the secret is about something that have caused you pain in the past you become more sensitive for it and don't know what to do , there is no a guiding menu for such situations all what you have to do is to go after your instincts and hope that it will guide rightly otherwise there will be some massive consequences for it and all what we have to do then is to know how to deal with it as grown up's secrets world is much complicated than children's secrets world , it is full of details touching us deeply , causing some significant changes in our life and more .

Some people believe that a secret is only so when it between two persons, other thinks the same with only small change about the identity of those two people that they are you and yourself. In most of times secrets are about something happened in the past or something gone but if it become known it will affect the present with a way or another, secrets are just like daggers that pointed to you heart, soul and sometimes to your dignity and when it comes to them we tend to be more cautious who we tell, what hints we give about them and how we will deal with them. Secrets world is a very ambigiues and gloomy place with a big sign written on it "ATTENTION" that makes adrenaline pumps so fast when you even think about stepping into its property.       

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