Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Moment

To be honest I didn't experience such a moment yet in my life and don't know whether am going to experience it or not but this is not what matters for me now what always capture my mind is what kind of feelings haunt the mind of a woman in this time, does she really feel so eager about it or afraid from it, does she feel happiness and that finally what she was always hoping for to happen will come true, does she appreciate her faith more or she will be so afraid of what coming next for her , the moment she holds the pen to sign the contract this simple paper that will attach her as it supposed to be for life time to one man creating a whole life with new and specific rules about them and about their life what really means
 to her or is it just another moment that will pass and nothing remain from it .

Once upon a time I asked a friend what do you really felt in this moment and her answer was so puzzling she said " I felt it was my last chance to say no ", the society in which I was raised never deals with such moments in much more attention they just deal with it as a scientific fact and that is so weird for me , as such moments shape our life and draw a simple outline for the future days for us such moments means a lot and that is why they have specific celebrations for them , most women I have seen they looks so anxious but not from this moment but from the pressure behind the whole celebration itself , how she looks , how she acts , how she speaks and a lot but they neglect this they just come up about it's importance after life goes on and she started to think about what if she didn't sign this contract ..??!!!  

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