Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Her Eyes

He was sitting there is his bedroom all by himself , thinking about many past things in his life . He felt so sad for what had happened between him and her , their relationship really didn't deserve to end up like this , he started to call back each moment they shared together , their laughs , their words even their arguments . He felt like that the clock is stuck on thoughts of him and her , suddenly he felt he miss her so much , miss being with her , miss sharing everything with her , she was another world for him a world where he can be himself without pretending , a world where everything is so sweet and pure and since they left each other he was not able to be himself anymore . He suddenly remembered those photos of her he was keeping them on his computer , so he opened it and started to search for the photos with so much anxiety that he would not find them , but as he was about to give up he found the folder where he kept all her photos . He opened the folder searching for a specific picture for her , as this picture he had took it for her in a day when they were walking together along the shore , in that day she was so happy and her eyes were twinkling for him as stars shining in the sky in a very clear night so he grapped his camera and took that picture for her . As soon as he found the picture he opened it and started to zoom on her eyes , he kept on zooming on it as he made her eyes taking the whole space on his screen , he kept in staring inside her beautiful eyes feeling like he became hynotized , he felt as if he was able to reach her to see her amazing soul throughout her eyes , he felt that she is really the one and he can't let her go and may be they have misunderstood each other but they love each other , he was so sure of that as he remembered that tears were like a flood the night they decided they can't be together anymore . He felt deep sadness for being away from her and felt like world will be like hell without her , so he decided that he will try just for one last time may be it will works . He grapped his phone texting her a message of only three words " I miss you " and started to think whether to send it or just give up and cancel the whole thing , moments were like years for him and he was not sure of what to do but at last he made up his mind and pushed the send button . He waited for couple of hourse waiting for the answer but nothing came back so he decided he will go to sleep and never think about it anymore , he convinced himself it was worthy to try but everything has an end and it seems to be that this was the end of their relationship . As he was about to sleep his phone made this sweet tone of recieving a message , he opened it with so much hurry and he found it from her , she replied with only two words " Me too " .