Tuesday, 12 February 2013

What was that ....!!!!!!!!

It is so hard to take out all those ideas, thoughts, feelings, emotions and whatever cross you deep inside. It is like going naked in front of the world and let them see every single detail about you. But in other times you feel like you are a ticking bomb and the countdown inside you starts to go louder and faster  and you must get out all of those things outside you otherwise you will blow up or you will collapse so you are in need to do this, everything around you urges you to say it, or to be specific to scream it out loud .

Sometimes when something serious happens in your life, a massive amount of questions just pop up in your head, they attack you like very hungry Piranha and you are the poor bustard who is waving his hands shouting out loud begging for help but no use, but I think this kind of  piranha is more sadistic than the actual one as it eats you inside out and you can't stop them . Some of those sadistic piranha are like why this happened, how this happened, is this all my fault and a lot and lot, I really can't count them all here and I will be more specific if I say there is no use from counting or mentioning them one by one as we all as humans whatever our colour, race, religion or nationality or whatever knows how it feels and how it eats you so slow .

But what really kills more slowly is what will be next, have I to move on or hanging out there waiting for a miracle or may be I got to move on carrying inside a little hope of hanging on a miracle to happen and suddenly among all those thoughts you suddenly feel dizzy and if it so serious you will feel like you want to throw up and all what you want to really do is to burn down this freakin' circle of questions, thoughts and suggestions and to never try to think again about it .... And sometimes we succeed in doing this but in other we can't we just stuck there with only one question insisting to make us find it's answer with no guarantee that we will find an answer for it ... this question is   " what was that ? " ....!!!!!!