Tuesday, 6 November 2012


During our whole life we are searching for answers, answers most about life and ourselves in most, we don't know how we suppose to live, to live through our sensations or reason, we have a lot of things that attache us to this world, we have eyes, lips, ears, mind and a heart, in most of times our eyes, lips and ears and even the mind got confused, and we barely survive with the heart if it doesn't either got lost in the whole process.

Our Heart that poor bastard that got to deal with confusion of the other senses we got, he is disturbed by the eyes and everything that caught them, got puzzled by every word that reaches it through ears, got frustrated by the unspoken words, and finally got depressed by reason or in other name by the mind.

I think it doesn't matter if we lost the eye sight or can not hear or speak or listen to all this nonsense around us or even lost our mind, most of those loss we can handle them but we will never handle to lose a heart, it is like the wood that we are stick to while we are  carried by the wild river of life, and that is why we feel like an outcast or cursed when we got stabbed into it, we simply can jeopardise  anything for just one moment of relief and happiness to our poor heart.

So few who know the fact that life can not be lived without a heart, a heart that capable of feel and understand everything around us, a heart that can see other souls understand their misery instead of judging them, see true beauty that lies inside others around us instead of searching for flaws .

A human being can not be a human without a heart, and when i say a heart i don't mean just an organ that pumps blood into our veins the heart hold much more in it's meaning than can be said as words stands helpless in front of defining it, a true heart can be much more anyone can imagine, and a true heart to  become true and carry those meanings got to go through storms and be broken and tested thousand of times to prove it is a true one, and unfortunately so few hearts can survive this massacre they simply got stuck into swamp of the bad side of life.