Sunday, 3 April 2011

And i hate the phone but i wish you would call ....

At that night , he felt as if this world was empty , empty of people , empty of feelings , empty of stars , moon , clouds . Everything just look so gloomy for him , he didn't imagine that one day she will say those words that never look like they are made of letters but they are made of daggers to him , " It is over , there is no more us " that how she ended what was between them , on his way back home he started to remember every single moment they share with the echo of her last words with them . Finally he reached his home , he didn't know how that happened but just interpret it as if his legs has an independent mind that took him there , he entered throwing away his keys , ignore to switch the light on and went staright to his bedroom . He sat down at the end of his bed in darkness thinking about what happened , placing his phone beside him , he was just trying to figure out what was going on through the whole last days of them together , he knew that he had did some mistakes so she too but he was sure there wasn't anything deserve to give up about their relationship , he also was sure about the fact that he will get over it with a way or another but " how " that was the thing he was not so sure about if he knows it or not . Suddenly he remembered his phone that was beside him , he remembered that at this time he was supposed to be talking to her on it as she used to check if he reached his home safely  , he looked at the phone so long as if he was saying a secret prayer inside himself asking if she only call , just to call even just to say hello but no use , at this moment he sank into this unbearable silence around him , he felt as if even the air around him suddenly gained some weight and placed all of it on him , he became so sure that he really hate his phone and hate it's stupid silence so much but at the same moment he was wishing deep down inside his heart if she would call .... just call .

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