Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Wish ...

Our life is mainly about wishes and dreams that we always hope one day we will achive them and make them a living truth , but it is not always our wishes or dreams come true not for anything but because they are too fancy. For her it was so long day full of arguments and conversations , her mind was so busy full of many thoughts , ideas and many things she got to do . The moment she get herself inside her car after all this long day at work she sat for a while enjoying this calm silence around her , then she turned her car on to drive back home , the way back was not quite smooth , she wishes if the way only be more easy than that while that she was straying outside her car's window thinking about him , she thought about how things were so beautiful , the warm cozy feelings inside their home together , the laughter and love that always was between them , while her hand was on the wheel she touched her wedding ring with her thump rubbing it so softly , watching the hazy reflection of her in it and a ghost of a smile appeared at the corner of her lips when she remembered when he put this ring in her hand promising her to be always there for her . She thought that she didn't know whether being busy that much at work was a blessing or not as may be it exhausts her mind but at the same time it keeps her mind busy from thinking about him , busy from remembering how fate didn't give them more long time to be together , she entered her home and felt as if a cold breeze touched her skin and she felt a shiver down her spine  , she sat down on the couch trying to make things be more easy on her , as she raised her head up she found his picture infront of her , he was looking so charming with his twinkling eyes and beautiful smile , she felt as if he was looking straight in her eyes , she grapped the picture and slept on her side on the couch and gave it a kiss and kept looking at it moving her little finger on his small face in the picture , she missed being in his arms to lean her head on his chest and to listen to the profound sound of his heart beats that sound that always make her felt so deep tranquil inside , she wished if only he can come back for a moment to hide her little body inside his hands to feel his warmth again , to smell his beautiful remarkable smell once again and to hear the soothing sound of his heart beats but no use he was not there anymore and as she reached this point her warm tears betrayed her eyes and started to flow .

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