Monday, 21 March 2011

The Reflection

It was a very long exhausting day for her , finally she finished it and everything passed away , she was so confused alot of ideas just goes around and around as if they compete in a very long race , she goes to the station waiting for the train , the same thoughts and flashbacks still racing inside her head , she just was praying and sometimes begging them to stop to just leave her rest for a while to announce peace with her but no use , finally the train arrived and she jumped into it , as she started to search for an empty seat to only drop her exhausted body on it , as she sat down she leaned her head against the window contemplating how things looks like moving so fast as the train moves on she find it so sarcastic how things outside looking as if they are moving fast while in fact it was the train that was moving  , she felt like that life is like the train moving so fast passing her and many other things and people and they just stand watching it passing by them , as the train arrived to her destination she was prepearing herself to leave it and go off the train , at this very moment when she was about to leave her eyes met their reflection  on the glass window of the train she was petrified she was not able to move her leg any step furthur any more what she saw inside her eyes  at this moment was more than she can able to handle , she saw a very deep grief and pain that she was doing her best to hide it from any one around her very obvious in her eyes as significant bold sun rising above clouds .

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