Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Fragments of Contemplation

As the sea reflects the sky's color inside it so as our heart
reflects itself through our words ...

If the light was not travelling that fast
we won't be able to see many things , ...

May be prison bars can captivate one's body
but nothing can captivate the soul ...

Everything have a soul , the smile on lips , the touch of the wind
on skin even the word on the paper ....

It is that not everyone smile is happy or cry is sad or
speak with intelligent words is wise or his face blush
is shy or blind is not able to see or broken hearted is not
capable of loving again ....!!! 

When we think about " love " in a limted idea as the love between
man and woman only , that is the time we deprived love from
 it's very heavenly features which make it surrounds each single
detail in our life....

In this life we are more alike the " Skirt Dancer " , either we concentrate
on our dance to let our skirt float so it can form a very beautiful merging colors scene or we
concentrate on other's dance and that's when we will stumble in our
skirt ....!!

Words are much like puzzle parts and their meaning are the finale portrait ,
so try to be more patient while you are arranging the puzzle parts
so as to get the right portrait ....

When we lose faith about life , Hope abandon us ....
Love is much pretty like a maze , we are lost in it in order to find
ourselves in return ....

If the wind was not blowing with that much smoothness we won't be
 unable to hear many beautiful voices around us ....

If the wind of life was not blowing from time to time with that
 much severeness , we won't be skillfull sailors in it and find a stream
for us in it to go through ....

Any special day is special just because it hold a memory dear to us ,
moments of happiness that we wish that it repeats million of times
not because of it's date number or because a soothsayer predict so ....!!

 " Love is in the air " so it is easier to breath it deeply
and to enter your body smoothly , while " love is not on the ground "
so we don't step on it ....!!

In life there is nothing stable as sometimes there is power in weakness ,
intelligence in stupid acts , sadness in smiling , happiness in tears ,
pain in laughter , finding something when we are lost , forsaking in
holding on and so this is life just full of mysterious contradictions ...!!!!!

Our love song is composed of a sweet clarinet as feelings ,
a profound piano as talk , a group of violins as emotional lyrics ,
an accordion accompanied by a cute mandoline as laugher and joy and
of course me and you as it's singers ......!!!

Living our life without passion is as looking at earth's
 beautiful colorful nature seeing it with only one dull color ....!!

It is not important the difference you will make in the world , what
really matters is how and by what you will cause this difference....!!

The ground feels hard , safe .
You can always get back to it and
it never pushes you away ....

Like the piano keys so is our days ,
sometimes black while others white and
all we got to do is to play them skillfuly so as
to get a harmonious music for our life ....!!!

It doesn't matter how the horizone is so wide , without
wild imagination with hope it will always looks like
a tiny spot to us ....!!

انا لا املك كل الاجابات عن شتي الامور
و لكن في طريقي أجد بعض منها و لكن أثمنها بالنسبة لي
هي تلك الاجابات التي لم يخطر ببالي قد ان اسأل عنها

Photograghy is about taking a mortal moment and turn it
to an immortal memory ....

Among the hills and vallies of our mind , there always exsist
some passeges that we must explore to know more about
ourselves and our souls .

We crawl till we can walk and we run until
we have the gut to jump ....

Even if the thunder was voiceless it still have the lightning
to declare it's presense ....

In each story you can find it's writer as anonymous
character in it   , in each painting you can find it's painter
as anonymous color  in it , in each music you can find it's
composer as anonymous tone in it and in each love you can
find anonymous magic .

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